Tue, 02 Sep 2014

Earlier this year, Flooka opened its doors as a premier dining destination situated at the Eastern Mangroves Promenade in Abu Dhabi. The Bait installation by Baroncelli is the restaurant’s striking centrepiece - a dazzling glass manifestation of our studio’s fearlessness and expertise in creating truly one-off Commissions.




In collaboration with the client, the initial brief evolved from a silhouette of a flock of birds to an abstracted shoal of fish. Over a period of months the design was carefully developed and detailed – it had to be interesting from every angle, tailored to the aesthetic context and practical demands of the space. The final installation, measuring over 6 x 4 metres, is comprised of 700 glass pieces suspended by almost invisible steel cables to create the floating shoal effect. The LED spotlighting above illuminates the individual ‘fish’ elements – a combination of clear, grey and silvered glass finishes glittering in the light – collectively evoking playful movement with understated elegance.



The Bait demonstrates our passion for radical design through unique ideas, sophisticated engineering and exceptional craftsmanship. We continually push our boundaries in meeting our clients’ needs, looking for new and exciting ways to design with glass and metal whilst incorporating new technologies. 



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