Who we are

Baroncelli is a design studio creating original lighting products and installations. Under the creative direction of Giovanni Corrado, we are an award-winning practice pioneering radical design through unique ideas, sophisticated engineering and exceptional craftsmanship.

Our Collection draws upon twenty years of experience and innovation. Each product is testament to Baroncelli’s design-led approach and Italian heritage. The ongoing dialogue between dedicated artisanship and new technologies is now synonymous with our bold signature style.

Commissions is the manifestation of our studio’s fearlessness and expertise in developing truly one-off pieces. We provide architects, interior designers and private clients alike with creative solutions tailored to the context and demands of any hospitality or residential space.

Established in 1994, Baroncelli is a visionary family firm with a global presence. We are committed to inspiring our clients through relevant ideas, products and outstanding personal service. We are proud to have our vision recognised through collaborations with industry leaders on the most prestigious interiors projects worldwide.

Baroncelli original lighting products

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It all began with a simple idea: design innovation rather than historic replication. In the early 1990s Rinda Baroncelli brought her significant cultural and artistic curiosity to Murano. A life spent living and travelling across the globe informed her vision for design led craft with more relevance to a contemporary, cosmopolitan audience. Her approach quickly found favour with clients hungry for personalised interpretations. The ability to create and deliver exceptional one off pieces in partnership with our clients has always been at the heart of the company’s appeal.

In 1995, we opened a showroom at The Imperial Laundry in London. The Burj Al-Arab in Dubai, Sandy Lane in Barbados and Claridge’s in London are some of the iconic projects we worked on during the 1990s.

As the business grew, establishing our reputation, a hallmark design ethos began to emerge. Traditional craft techniques applied in bold and unexpected designs have made us a part of the contemporary design conversation. The craftsmanship of Baroncelli’s collection remains true to our origins and heritage, but our willingness to challenge the preconceptions of making is testament to a vision of ourselves as design leaders rather than gatekeepers of the craft.

In 2008, we established our US office in New York and in 2010 opened a showroom at the prestigious D&D Building in Manhattan.

Baroncelli’s passion for design and dedication to personal service has resulted in collaborations with industry leaders on projects across the globe, from interior designer David Collins to luxury retailer Agent Provocateur. Luxury developments and the finest private residences, as far apart as Maui and Azerbaijan, feature examples of our Made to Measure and Studio creations. We are proud of our enduring relationships and continued involvement with luxury hotel brands such as Four Seasons Hotels and the Dorchester Collection.

Baroncelli, today, is a truly international business. All of our pieces continue to be made exclusively in Italy and are showcased at our showrooms in London and New York. Our design studio is based in London and serves as a creative hub for projects being installed across the world.

Baroncelli’s vision for design innovation has been recognised with Awards on both sides of the Atlantic.

The scale and diversity of our work continues to grow, taking both ourselves and our clients into new and exciting directions.

Design innovation rather than historic replication

“Design innovation
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Rinda Baroncelli

Rinda Baroncelli is the Managing Director of Baroncelli. She began her career at Procter & Gamble and in the late 1960s Rinda and her young family moved from Italy to Ohio, USA. It was the springboard for several decades of international relocations: Madrid, Mexico City, San Francisco, Barcelona, Geneva. These years were marked by relentless globe-trotting and filled with significant cultural experiences. Her Italian roots were enriched by close encounters with the intellectual, historic and artistic traditions of many diverse cultures. In 1994 she established the business, now known as Baroncelli. Based in London, Rinda continues to travel the world. Her son, Giovanni Corrado, has joined Baroncelli as Creative Director, ensuring that a new generation will continue to develop this remarkable family business.

Giovanni Corrado

Giovanni Corrado, Creative Director of Baroncelli, joined the family business in 2004. He had previously worked as a Brand Operations Consultant in the fashion, hotel and interior design world. He has brought a breadth of vision to the company and introduced new concepts to the traditional glass blowing process, developing exciting ways of combining the techniques of both ancient crafts and modern manufacturing. As a member of the Baroncelli family, Giovanni takes great pleasure in the inheritance of skills and the opportunity to develop the business in new and rewarding directions.

Giovanni Corrado and Rinda Baroncelli

“Legacy is created in our ideas for tomorrow”