In Fabulas Forma at Rossana Orlandi Gallery

For Milan Design Week 2021, we presented three new series of works that continue our research into the geometric. Drawing liberally on ancient abstract forms, these pieces tell the stories of shape with wonder and emotion. Complementary families that explore the infinite play between shape and light.

The MINIMENTS are a family of sculptures that play with scale and monumentality. Each Miniment (or mini monument) is a unique geometric totem-like composition of different shapes and colours in vintage upcycled glass. Every characterful piece has a marked architectural rigour which, in collectives of two or more, morphs into the playful narrative of a motley urban landscape.

The LAPIS SPECULO family consists of a series of silvered and aged glass wall pieces that create mesmerizing and contemplative landscapes. Each piece is a puzzlelike composition of shimmering and suggestive shapes that draw us in as light reflections ebb and flow with the inevitable changing brightness of the passing day.

The HALOS family is composed of a glass pendant and wall light that hover on the limits of function and fantasy. Intentionally flawed, these large expanses of glass are speckled with a myriad air bubbles and striations. These illuminated clear glass elements reveal a constellation of delicate organic patterns which make each piece singular and inimitable.