In Fabulas Forma Part II at Rossana Orlandi Gallery

New pieces signed Giovanni Corrado x Baroncelli Atelier continue our search for a universal language in the geometric.  Drawing liberally on ancient abstract forms,  these pieces tell the stories of shape and explore the infinite play between shape and light.  Baroncelli Atelier is the experimental heart of Baroncelli, developing limited edition and one-off pieces that combine intensive design research with the highest quality of making.


The MINIMENTS are a family of sculptures that play with scale and monumentality. Each Miniment (or mini monument) is a unique geometric composition of different shapes and colours in vintage upcycled glass.  Making Miniments is about finding the personality of each composition.  We associate ideas and feelings with shapes and the Miniments have a way of finding that association in all of us.  Miniments are little people who are going about their daily lives.  A totem, at its heart,  is the idea of an object as a symbol much more than an arrangement of stacked shapes.  In this sense,  the Miniments have become a project about finding modern and diverse archetypes.


In becoming illuminated sculptures, the Miniments transform into the BELLIMENTS.  To contrast the marked architectural rigour of a single composition, these compositions are encased in a Murano glass husk that is inspired by the clean yet irregular lines of traditional cowbells.  Their surface gleams like gently undulating water catching light in the intentional marks left by the making tools.


The LAPIS SPECULO are a series of silvered and aged coloured glass wall pieces that create mesmerizing and contemplative landscapes.  Each piece is a puzzlelike composition of shimmering  and suggestive shapes who’s light reflections ebb and flow with the inevitable changing brightness of the passing day.  The three new pieces are inspired by Kabuto Japanese warrior helmets and the individually chosen crests and symbols that adorned them.